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Even if you aren't living on a lake you affect the health of nearby lakes, wetlands, and streams. In most urban and suburban areas, your street connects to downstream lakes, wetlands and streams through the storm sewer system.  Learn about how you can make a difference.

Wassermann Lake - Tale of Two Lakes

Wassermann Lake is categorized as a recreational lake.  During the spring and fall the lake is generally safe and provides wonderful boating, fishing and other recreational opportunities.  However as the temperatures rise the lake quickly becomes unhealthy when excessive nutrients in the lake cause major algae blooms.

February 2016

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Landscaping Tips that will beautify your yards while improving lake water quality

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Clean Water

Unfortunately, for all its beauty, our lake is also impaired.  Its phosphorous content is twice the designated maximum level.   Rafts of milfoil and algae blooms are constant and intensify in mid and late summer.  Far from these adverse effects being isolated,  our lake  is a major contributor to downstream problems.

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We envision a healthy aquatic ecosystem that supports balanced, self-sustaining populations of native plants, native fish and wildlife for responsible use by the lakeshore homeowners and the community for future generations.

Our Vision

23 August 2016

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