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Annual Member's Meeting Proposed Agenda

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 6:30 - 9:00 PM

The Blessing House,  8705 Church Lake Road (CR 43)

  1. Registration, refreshments and social (6:30 pm)
  2. Call Annual Member’s Meeting to Order (7:00 pm)
  3. Roll call of dues paying members to establish a quorum
  4. Introduction of all attendees
  5. Overview (7:15 pm) - Review Bylaws, Mission and Goals (see attached Organizational Documents file)
    Water Quality Grade History, Trends: Secch depth, phosphorus loading, chlorophyll and runoff, recommended shoreland vegetation
  6. Approve attached 2015 Annual Meeting  and Joint Info Meeting Minutes (7:30 pm)
  7. Treasurer’s Report (7:35) - Financials and Membership
  8. WLA participation in the DNR’s “Score Your Shore” initiative (7:45 pm)
  9. Eric Fieldseth, MCWD AIS Program Manager (8:00 pm) - AIS Update: Inspections, zebra mussels, plant surveys, 10 Year Comprehensive Plan & Capital Projects
  10. Justine Koch, U of M Research Fellow, Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center - (Carp study update)
  11. Bill Olson, Victoria Rep. on MCWD Board of Managers (8:30 pm) - MCWD Lake Quality Improvement Plans, AIS Inspection funding reduction & 50 % matching requirements, regional decontamination and trailer tag pilot
  12. Developments and Park Land Plans – Mayor Tom O’Conner (8:45 pm) - Developments, parks and trail plans around Wassermann, Water Quality improvement plans, AIS inspection cost sharing possibility with MCWD
  13. Adjourn Meeting (9:00 pm)

Victoria, Minnesota