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What We're Doing

Wassermann is an impaired lake, not suitable for general recreation due to excessive pollutant levels as determined by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


Our lake association sees a different future for Wassermann.  We seek to protect the natural beauty of Wassermann Lake by reducing the phosphorous level, protecting and enhancing our shoreline’s natural environment, and restoring the lake’s fisheries to predominately indigenous species.


Our mission starts with education.  Homeowners, developers and public officials must become aware of the water quality problems existing in our community and how their actions impact lake water quality.  It is up to us to decision if our actions will contribute to the problem or the solution

Wassermann Lake

Wassermann Lake is located near the southwest corner of Victoria in Carver County.   Its bowl shape covers about 150 acres and is surrounded mostly by a narrow band of deciduous forest ringing three quarters of the shoreline, with 14 residential properties and marshland comprising nearly equal proportions of the remainder.   Wassermann Lake reaches a maximum depth of 40 feet, deeper than nearby Lake Waconia.  Its depth assures a sustainable and varied fishery habitat supporting muskies, bass, perch, crappie and sunfish.   Wassermann Lake is part of the 6 Mile Creek Sub-watershed within the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.  Its waters flow through Auburn Lake and Parley Lake eventually reaching Halsteds Bay within the Upper Lake Minnetonka system. Unfortunately, for all its beauty, Wassermann Lake is also impaired.  Its phosphorous content is twice the designated maximum level. Although the introduction of additional phosphorous is now modest, dissolved levels remain perpetually high, resulting from repeated disturbance of the lake bed by an army of carp, which yet thrive in the deteriorated waters produced by their overabundance.  Rafts of milfoil and algae blooms are constant and intensify in mid and late summer.  

Six Mile Creek Map.png
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