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Become a Wassermann Lake Association Member

Membership is open to all interested parties who desire to support the vision and mission of the Wassermann Lake Association. To become a member in good standing of the Association, an individual must have a completed membership application on file and pay annual dues.  Members in good standing will be allowed to vote at members’ meetings including election of directors and other appropriate issues.  In addition, members in good standing will have access to the members-only sections of our website that include the membership directory. 


There can be more than one “member in good standing” per household.  Currently annual dues are set at $25.  Please make check payable to Wassermann Lake Association and send application and check to Wassermann Lake Association, c/o Mark Schneider, 1950 Edgewater Place, Victoria, MN 55386. 


Non-dues paying members are also welcome. We invite you to attend all meetings; however, you will not be eligible to vote nor have access to the members-only portion of the website. 

Download the Membership Form by clicking here:

WLA Membership Application

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