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Lakes Report Card

Six Mile Marsh Subwatershed

A - Sunny (Zumbra-Sunny)

A - Zumbra Lake

B - Piersons

B - Steiger Lake

B - West Auburn

C - Church Lake

C - East Auburn Lake
C - Kelzer’s Pond 

C - Parley

C - Turbid

C - Wassermann Lake
C - Wassermann-West Bay
F - Lundsten - South

NA - Lundsten - North

NA - Marsh Lake​

Wassermann Lake Historical Lake Grades:


















The lake grade shows how one lake measures up compared to other area lakes and indicates the perceived condition of the open water. Three water quality measurements are combined to create each lake grade. However, there are also other factors that contribute to lake condition, including precipitation. aquatic plants, fisheries, harmful chemicals, and over-use.


The Three Water Quality Measurements​

  1. TP is the abbreviation of total phosphorus. Total phosphorus usually is a limited food source (nutrient) for algae and plants. An increase in total phosphorus relates closely to increased algae, frequency of algal blooms, and an increased quantity of blue-green algae.

  2. CHL-A is the abbreviation of chlorophyll-a. Chlorophyll-a is the green pigment in algae and plants and is essential to photosynthesis. A measure of chlorophyll-a in the water estimates the algal abundance.

  3. SD is the abbreviation of Secchi disk depth or water clarity. The lower the Secchi disk is visible, the clearer the water appears.

Improving Low Water Quality Lake Grades 

Raising a lake’s grade requires extra work. It may mean changes in drainage patterns, filtration, or detention of storm water. And not all lakes have the same potential (e.g. shallow lakes can have only so much Secchi disk visibility). But everyone plays a role in helping a lake live up to its full potential. For example, your home and yard may contribute to the poor quality of a neighborhood lake. Preventing pet waste, leaves, home and auto chemicals, and house gutters runoff  from entering storm drains can help keep your lake or stream clean. Storm drains are a direct, untreated route to the nearest lake or stream.

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