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Frequently asked questions

If this mattress is as good as you say it is, how come it doesn’t cost 10 thousand dollars?

That’s the thing, it should! A Sleeping Duck mattress is direct to you. No crazy retail markups. No phoney sales deals. It is the real deal. Awesome quality mattress at the right price. Fantastic spring support so your mattress never sags. As simple as that.

If I bought an online foam-only mattress and not a Sleeping Duck would I ever be able to be your friend?

Hmmm, that’s tough. To be honest, I don’t know if it would work out between us. I’d be forever reminding you that your foam only mattress feels great now, but wait six months when it starts to sag. Wait for it to become a back killer. I’d be hassling you non-stop to ditch it and buy a Sleeping Duck straight away…wait, hang on, in that case maybe we can be friends!

I just bought a Sleeping Duck mattress…

Congratulations! It’s the best purchase you’ve…

I haven’t finished the question yet.

Oh, sorry, go on.

Thank you. Now, where was I?

You bought a Sleeping Duck…

Oh yeah. I just bought a Sleeping Duck mattress. So what if you can roll over it with a 15 tonne roller? What do I care? I only weigh 65 kilos. I’m never going to break any springs.

Because Sleeping Duck springs are made from twice tempered steel, they’re indestructible. That means your mattress won’t sag like those foam-only mattresses WHICH will sag after a while even if you do weigh 65 kilos.