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Wassermann Lake Park

In 2016, the District formed the Six Mile – Halsted Bay Planning Partnership, which brings together a variety of organizations located in the subwatershed to engage in proactive communication about plans, priorities, and opportunities for collaboration in the region. During routine coordination with the City of Victoria, staff from the City and MCWD identified 33.5 acres of undeveloped land for sale along the Lake Wassermann shoreline. The parcel includes Wassermann West Pond and adjacent wetlands, and restoring these areas could result in significant reduction in phosphorus entering Lake Wassermann, while also providing the public access to the lake, which was a goal identified in the City of Victoria’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan.


The District purchased the 33.5 acres from the landowner in June 2017. In May 2017, the District and the City of Victoria signed an agreement stating that the City of Victoria and District would coordinate to develop a park design that provides public access to and enjoyment of the site while restoring its wetland and woodland areas and implementing water quality improvements. The park will be a City Park and the District will retain easements that allow for ongoing management and maintenance of the site's natural resources.

The preliminary concept plan is below along with a aerial photo of the area.  To read more about the plans and timeline for this park, check out the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District website.  The City of Victoria's strategic plan includes starting on the park in 2020 with the park to be completed by December 2020.

Wassermann Lake Plan_201703120-print_md.

View (looking south) of 33.5 acres to be developed into Wassermann Lake Park 

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