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Carp Seine on our Lake

As of the end of 2016 an estimated 10,031 (8,149 – 11,912) carp were in Wassermann Lake.  The average weight of carp is 6.6 lbs, resulting in an estimated total weight of 66,205 lbs.  This estimate will be refined by the U of M after analyzing the seine results.


A carp seine occurred on January 23, 2017 in the SW corner of the lake. The fisherman removed about 2,500 carp (roughly 19,000 pounds), or about 25% of the population.  This is not typical, it was a good seine haul.  Carp in Wassermann are old and large, and of a similar age class.  Marsh Lake is likely the main source of carp for the lake, but it hasn’t provided substantial numbers of new carp to the system in quite a while.


As would be expected, the seine also captured other fish.  See the photos to the right of the muskie and bass.


The photos below are from the January 23rd seine by commercial fisherman Don Geyer's crew hired by MCWD.  All the photos can be found by clicking here.

Carps in trucks
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