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Volksfest 2014

Thank You!


A special thanks to all who visited our booth on August 16th and to the Wassermann Lake Association members that helped plan for our booth and those that staffed it for 8 hours.

  • Hillary Patz - chair person

  • John Hayes and Chris Rud - committee members

  • Jim Ryan - t-shirts 

  • Hillary Patz, Mark Schneider, Chris and Stan Rud, Dave Robb, Gail Berger and Joe Fiedler - booth staffers



Visitors to our booth at Volksfest were invited to read and sign our petition.  Nearly everyone agreed that we need to do more to protect our lakes and ponds and signed the petition.  A total of 67 signatures were gathered and we sent the petition to the city council.  Click here to view the petition.

Carp Guessing Results


Congratulations to Josh Haug and Janet Robling for winning the Enki Growlers and Refills.  They both guessed 73,000 lbs. of carp in Wassermann Lake.  Based on the first three U of M Carp electro-fishing surveys that Justine Koch conducted this summer, we have an estimated 11,219 carp with an average weight of 6.57 pounds totaling 73,709 pounds in Wassermann Lake. 

Survey Results


Visitors to our Volksfest booth were invited to complete a very short survey.  Thank you to all who took the time to participate.  As we suspected, water quality significantly affects how we are willing to use our lakes.  Nearly 75% of those surveyed would not buy property on an seriously impaired lake (lake grade D).  Even more would not eat fish (93%) or swim (84%) in a seriously impaired lake. 

Survey results Volksfest 2014.png
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